London Fashion Week

One of the biggest times in the London social calendar, London Fashion Week brings the best of the best into the heart of the city. Needing a transport system that would match the innovative and fashionable look of the latest collections, Morgans Hotels approached London Rickshaws for an original marketing concept. Looking for a way of shuttling their guests to Somerset House as well as raising the profile of the hotel, the resulting meet produced a high-quality campaign.

During a time as prestigious as LFW, it’s imperative, if you’re looking to promote your product or service that you commit to a strong and original element, which was exactly the outcome from this campaign.

  • Going against all preconceived notions that rickshaws are outdated, those that took a ride on our eco-friendly chariots were noted to have had the time of their lives.
  • With a fierce army of fashion bloggers ready to critique every moment of the special week, the campaign gained notoriety on Twitter from those that rode in the rickshaws on the day.