Pedicab Advertising

A pedicab is a bicycle-taxi. You can use them to get around; more specifically, you can travel about London in one of these vehicles. You can also use rickshaws for advertising your company on the move. This is called pedicabs advertising. For the best advertising venture, London Rickshaws has the experience to promote your brand successfully.

Providing London with a sustainable transport option was our main agenda. Having a passion for all things green, we set to work to find a way of achieving a viable alternative to motor powered transport. London pedicabs are the most eco-friendly transport option in the city, and as a result, are a sustainable way for you to get
around town.

Sustainable London Transport

Here at London Rickshaws, we have been championing this mode of transport for a number of years now, trusting they are the solution to producing zero transport emissions. Environmentally friendly pedicabs with London Rickshaws aim to assist in the reduction of carbon neutral transport for the city.

These pedal powered pedicabs can carry up to three passengers. Your carrier will not only be there to chauffeur you around town, but impart their knowledge of London to ensure your journey is enjoyable and informative.

The London 2012 Olympics is hurtling towards us, and there is a great amount of people that are expected to descend on this city. In this time, we are positive that our London rickshaws will play a pivotal part in the transport system throughout the games. The team of riders will provide sustainable eco transport to the masses.

Pedicab Advertising in London

Not only this, but the pedicabs of London are the perfect choice for your outdoor advertising needs. Other than getting round town on these bicycle-taxis as an alternative to transport in the city, you can use them as an innovative advertising medium.

With pedicab advertising, you can achieve mobile marketing right here in the city. It’s all the more direct and effective. Grabbing people’s attention whilst on the move, your ad can be seen in more than once place in the space of an hour. Those choosing to get around by a London rickshaw will be enabling your advert to travel to the most notable locations in London. When you wish to advertise outdoors, and are looking for a more innovative alternative, look no further than advertising with London Rickshaws.