With the impending launch of the new Nokia Lumia 800, the company scouted the innovative advertising solutions available to them to really kick-start their campaign. Looking for a way to reflect the stylish and modern aesthetics of the new phone, Nokia built on the presence of their new product by indulging in a high-impact campaign in central London, with a little help from London Rickshaws.

Emblazoning the custom-designed rickshaws with Nokia literature, there wasn’t an unmarked space on the transport; utilising every option at their disposal, the rickshaw carried the company’s message perfectly.

  • Dressed in Nokia-branded clothing, the riders cycled the coordinated event whilst effectively (and safely) bringing the word of the newest phone to the masses.
  • Firmly quashing the misconceptions of a rickshaw, those asked said the bubble design of the bespoke rickshaws were modern and different from anything they had seen on the street.
  • The large advertising space on the back allowed for the guests to step into a completely branded environment.

Ensuring the public didn’t leave empty-handed, over 150 blue flowers were given out on the day with information and leaflets also included; taking home a slice of Nokia’s message ensured the day finished on a high.