Ambient Media

No longer an unknown term in the marketing world, it seems there is so much to be said about the ambient advertising scene in London. Floating around before the millenium, like anything, it took awhile to come into the public prominence and have social understanding. But it once it did, it has firmly made its mark on the way we promote products and services. Now, it’s impossible to utter the phrase without someone saying ‘I want that!’. Often dubbed ‘non-traditional’, the idea behind this type of advertising is to get people’s attention, to get them talking about what it is you have to offer. And in the era of social media, where a photo or video can go viral within hours of being uploaded onto the internet. You just need a handful of people who pass it onto their friends, and you’ve got a chain reaction at a fraction of the cost. With so much opportunity in the city, it goes without saying that you have to be original with it. And when you get the opportunity to? Well, that’s when the fun really starts.

The Backing of an Ambient Media Company

A non-traditional method of marketing whatever you have to sell, the backing of an ambient media company like London Rickshaws can do wonders for your campaign. The experience we have already garnered from working with a wide variety of clients, from the NFL to London Fashion Week, we are ready and waiting to create a completely unique promotion for our next clients. When it comes to designing, creating and seeing through, a brand new campaign, originality is key. It’s not everyday you walk past a bench that looks like Kit Kat fingers, or a giant box of French fries (advertising the trouble of termites). You should always utilise the best resources you have at your disposal, and in this instance, it’s the custom-made pedicabs available from London Rickshaws. They’re just the thing to kick-start the greatest campaign of ambient media London has ever seen.

Traditional Advertising is Over

There are several reasons why so many of our customers are soliciting the work of our originality is because people are turning away from the traditional advertising methods because, alone, they are no longer having as powerful effect. The ambient media UK scene is on the up, and it’s only going to continue to grow, soon becoming outdated, itself. Of course, it will be a short while before this happens, but it’s always good to be at the forefront of any change in industry. Whilst you’re pushing your brand onto potential customers, it’s not done in an overly pushy way, as can be seen when you have an abundance of leaflets falling out of your weekend paper, only to all be swiftly moved to the rubbish bin. You need to be effective, and this is exactly where we come in.