Geckos Adventures

For their brand re-launch, Geckos Adventures wanted to reach their key demographic of 20 – 30 year olds in a fashion that was very much in line with their brand identity of adventure. This is why London Rickshaws was a natural choice for their main promotional event in London. It was done with the intention of recording a promotional video which will be used on the Geckos website. Free Rickshaw rides were given to travel agents from their tube stop to their offices in the morning thus, getting them intimately acquainted with the brand. To give free Rickshaw rides to young people around the university area of central London in this way introducing them to the brand and giving them free brochures of the trips Geckos Adventures offers.


  • This campaign was extremely popular with both travel agents and members of the public alike.
  • Over 30 free Rickshaw tours were offered and a greater number of brochures were given out to members of the public.
  • Students were very excited by the brand and a great number of Epic Stories were collected to be used in the upcoming Geckos Rickshaw video.