London Zoo Fundraisinf Event


The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) hosted its fundraising gala event “Safari in the City” in the heart of ZSL London Zoo.

ZSL asked London rickshaws to create a decoration for an Indian theme rickshaws to mach London Zoo transformation into an Asian-inspired wonderland to transport VIP Guests who were  immersed in an Indian themed adventure, journeying through the Zoo on rickshaws, surrounded by the smells of authentic cuisine, the sound of Indian music, and the sights of the animal houses after hours, all designed to make them feel they’ve just stepped off a plane in India.

With our in house design team, we created a fleet of Indian themed rickshaws for the event, we procured traditional Indian clothing for our riders and made the event a complete success. Our experience in the industry as well as our understanding of high quality corporate events were most important in ensuring the event went without a glitch.


The fundraising event was a success. The guest and the London Zoo were very happy with the Indian rickshaws and their friendly riders. They attracted some much attention including that of the public  in our way to the London Zoo, many passers by were impressed by the column of Indian rickshaws and riders lighting up London streets with a multitude of colours.

The London zoo event organisers sent London Rickshaws an email we are very proud of: ” The rickshaws ware wonderful,  everyone at London Zoo were happy with the rickshaws. Thank you and your team”