Hunt and Palmer

The private jet hire company, Hunt and Palmer, wanted to offer their customers a fun and innovative way of transporting them from their 25th anniversary dinner to their destinations. It would entail taking their VIPs from the restaurant, through a scenic route of the city to their desired tube station, to enable them to return home safely.


  • The Rickshaws proved to be a hit with Hunt & Palmer customers with everyone who was asked commenting on the Rickshaws being the perfect end to their evening as it brought flare and excitement to the table.
  • People on the street stopped to watch the procession of brightly colored rickshaws with orange canopies and took a great deal of notice of the advertisements on the back of the rickshaws.
  • The advertisement was kept on the rickshaws to provide ambient advertisement to Hunt & Palmer after the event.
“We have received so many compliments from our guests about the unusual and exhilarating experience the ride provided. Your riders were professional in their work and provided a friendly and polite service to our guests. The advertising panels fixed to the rickshaws certainly made a huge impact and looked fantastic!”