Air Asia

When you think about a high-impact advertising campaign to mark the launch of an airline company into the UK market, the last thing you think of is an a London rickshaw. Which is exactly the reason Air Asia came to us when they were looking to introduce their product to a UK audience. Something completely different, numerous people stopped our drivers to ask them about the campaign. Orchestrated in the heart of London, the launch was a complete success at letting potential customers know about the affordable air travel offered by Air Asia.

With fully-dressed rickshaws, accompanied by models, this particularly strong PR event utilised both of these resources to draw attention to the airline’s latest products. Thanks to the success in creating one of the most original media trails since the drumming gorilla in that Cadbury’s advert, the responses from the public during the event was incredible.

  • When purchasing tickets to the Far East, people were far more likely to think of Air Asia; the basis of the campaign.
  • With many questioned, the analysis from the respondents was that the rickshaw advertising was ‘impactful’, ‘memorable’ and ‘different to most advertising’.

Following the brief to a tee, the success was evident from the reaction of the public.