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We Love London : We Love Rickshaws

At London Rickshaws, we provide a range of high impact, eco-friendly advertising and marketing services; adaptable for any event required by our clients to fulfil their needs.

Always environmentally-aware at every stage of production, you can be safe in the knowledge that our eco-friendly advertising does not create a giant carbon footprint. In an era where going green is considered a way of life, we champion this idea and ensure all our services uphold this method.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Using our rickshaws as a canvas, the combined wealth of experience in our design team ensures a fleet of vehicles that perfectly showcase our clients promotional artwork. Included in this, our dedicated Rider Team acts on your behalf as brand ambassadors and you pretty much have your perfect marketing campaign.


Our fleet of 40 modern Rickshaws are powered purely by the efforts of a dedicated and experienced Rider Team. 100% pollution free, our rickshaws produce absolutely no CO2 whilst travelling through the heart of the London, day and night.

Passing through some of the most famous areas in the city, your campaign will have the potential to be seen by customers in areas like Oxford Street, Soho and Piccadilly Circus, to name but a few.

Rickshaw Advertising

London Rickshaw can proudly boast the largest advertising space than any other make or model of rickshaw, thanks to the unique bubble design. It’s like they were designed with our clients in mind; to reach the masses.

Rickshaw Hire

You don’t need to have a special occasion coming up to treat yourselves to a fun and memorable trip through central London on a rickshaw. They’re available to hire if you’re looking to throw a party or if you just want to do something that little bit different.

Rickshaw Tours

Rather than just going from A to B, why not take a detour, and take in the sights and surroundings before you reach your final destination. Book one of our rickshaw sightseeing tours today to see the best of London’s top attractions; the eco-friendly way. We have pioneered a range of rickshaw tours to suit everybody’s tastes, but you can also create one off tours if you’re looking for something very specific. With treasure hunts, corporate day tours and a wide scope of locations and themes across the best city in the world covered, you’ll wonder what you were thinking considering a single tour.

People Power

Due to client demand, London Rickshaws is pleased to offer the services of its highly motivated and skilled “People Power” team. You can now have your message personally delivered to your audience both on foot and on one of our modern Rickshaws.

Safety First

Our Rider Team Manager ensures every member of our London Rickshaws Rider Team completes a stringent training course, with the rickshaws not only insured but serviced on a regular basis.