Ferrero Rocher


Haygarth on behave of Ferrero Rocher designed an advertising campaign to promote the luxurious   pop up dessert bar in London Covent garden area to get people to think and experience the different tastes and textures that make Ferrero Rocher so special.


London Rickshaws was in charge to design a special customise Ferrero Rocher rickshaw to help the 7 days   advertising campaign to promote the pop up dessert bar and the testing samples campaign to the public at the Covent Garden area to promote the product. The rickshaw successfully offer a complementary rickshaw service to member of the public in the area to visit the Ferrero Rocher pop up dessert bar worker together with the Ferrero Rocher samples team.

The campaign was very successful and the client was pleased with the campaign results.

Following the brief to a tee, the success was evident from the reaction of the public.