Temp Cover

During this year’s London Fashion Week, the short term motor insurance company, Temp Cover, wanted to raise their brand awareness of being involved in fashion week through the use of an innovative and eye catching advertising medium, offering high impact brand advertising throughout the day. The best way to do this was to make use of our London Rickshaws, which they then utilised to offer fashion bloggers transportations between the different fashion week venues.


  • With the catchy saveyoursoles hash tag and the friendly demeanor of our riders, this event was a great success, achieving a great deal of exposure on social media sites, like Twitter, where the response was overwhelming and getting pictures of bloggers on the rickshaws to appear in their already very popular blogs.
  • This project greatly increased Temp Cover’s brand presence online and it helped advertise the brand to young professionals who make a great part of their business.
“Temp Cover were very happy with your service. You were a pleasure to work with! And we’ll definitely be recommending you if we hear of anyone else wanting to use the rickshaws.”

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