Outdoor Advertising

With so much traffic on the streets, pedestrians on the pavements and cyclists in the… well, cycle lanes, the maximum exposure you can expect from marketing your product is through advertising outdoors. Always a popular industry, yet dominated by several big companies, London Rickshaws are most certainly making their mark in this particular market. Quite a large venture, the industry of outdoor marketing UK scene applies to any type of promotional or marketing display in an outside capacity. Priding ourselves on being one of London’s most creative and outgoing rickshaw advertising company, we are confident we can offer you something to be proud of. Because of the meticulousness of our work, our original input on client’s campaigns and our continually evolving company, we offer a first-rate service for anyone looking to indulge in outdoor media. Our long-standing relationships with our customers cements our dedication to our field. Improving with every step, we are proud of the unique and individual promotions we help to create.

Stand Out, Stay Green

With an ever-increasing demand to stand out from the crowd yet remain green and environmentally aware, we believe our eco-friendly rickshaws satisfy this. Providing an excellently fresh method of promoting your company as well as being responsible to the world around us, we assist in boosting your brand credibility to millions of Londoners. The advantages of using our rickshaws when you’re looking for the best outdoor advertising London has to offer is that they are at eye-level and in constant motion. The compact yet transportable nature of our rickshaws means they can be spotted in almost any location throughout London. We go places billboards cannot!

Fuelling Interest

Operating in the densely-populated areas, most notably the West End, with have the capability of operating anywhere in London. The ability to reach thousands of potential customers just by emblazoning your logo on the side of a London rickshaw, with the help of an outdoor advertising agency will fuel the interest in your service or product. There is also the advantage of double promotion, but strategically positioning the rickshaws outside the stores, or just down the street – perhaps shuttling customers to the store. Whatever it is you have in mind for your campaign, get in touch and we can get started on producing the best operation ever seen in London.