Ritz Hotel


“The Ritz Hotel hosted a top end party where the guest needs transportation from the Hotel to the sophisticate, charming and elegant Park Chinois Restaurant.

They want to crated a sophisticated Chinese theme rickshaw and hire a team headed by Hayley Newstead, Picnic Productions and London rickshaws.



Hayley Newstead and Picnic Productions with the help of London Rickshaws manage to produce a beautiful design to decorate 23 rickshaws to transport the guest.

The guests were positive impress with the fabulous rickshaw decoration and the young elegant riders.

The client was very happy with our service, and thank everyone for the collaboration.

Haley Newstead commented “thank you London Rickshaws for a great team yesterday! Everyone was great!

Picnic Production commented “I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. The riders were great and the day of the event ran very smoothly”