Ted Baker
Rickshaw Advertising


Ted Baker hired us to celebrate the launch of their new summer collection which was held at their headwaters in  London. To hi light this important event, Ted Baker wanted a colourful and innovative way of transporting their VIPS guests whilst advertising their new collection throughout London. Throughout the event, we transported their VIP guests throughout central London to nearby stations and bus stops and vice versa.


* The Rickshaws proved to be a hit with Ted Baker’s VIP visitors  with

everyone who was asked commenting on the Rickshaws being the perfect end to their day as it brought flare and excitement to the event.

* People on the street stopped to watch the procession of brightly

branded Ted Baker  rickshaws and took a great deal of notice of the advertisements on the rickshaws.

One of the things which makes us most proud of our work are the comments we receive from our clients; on this occasion Ted Baker sent us this note: “we were very happy with the rickshaws, such a successful day!”