Marks & Spencer
Rickshaw Advertising


The Style Icon Alexa Chung is back!,  the M&S design team and London Rickshaws worked together at the launch of new clothes collection “Rediscovers our Archive” at the flagship M&S at the Marble Arch branch at Oxford Street which are Inspired by the Marks & spencer company archive.
London Rickshaws provided best offline advertising in London campaign with fully branded rickshaws, which took public to the store to meet Alexa Chung jumping behind the tills and serving customers with her new collection. This collection is more focused on a more luxe evening wear with vibe to lead us into the winter party season and discover inspiration within the Marks & Spencer archive.


Many companies and brands in London wants offline advertising/marketing for branding innovatively , so advertise with London rickshaws would be good option. The Offline Marketing event in London was very successful and Our Rickshaws made a positive impact at Oxford Street attracting people attention to the Alexa Chung M& S collection by advertising with our beautiful branded rickshaws. We had great appreciation M&S and got attention from customers taking them to the store to meet Alexa Chung.