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When you want to get around town, the the idea of hopping on a busy bus or hot, crowded tube probably doesn't appeal. Instead, jump aboard a pedicab in london and see the city from a new perspective. In a time when we're constantly reminded about our carbon footprint, We offer safe transportation around town, in keeping with the ethical promises of green media. It's all powered by people!

Today, London Rickshaws is one of the longest-running companies in London. Formed in 2003, our family company had an exciting vision after noticing the need for a better transport option. We wanted to provide customers throughout London, and the UK, with a range of eco-friendly pedicabs. As innovators of this sustainable service, we couldn't be happier with what we've achieved. We aren't just a mode of transport; we offer much more than that.

Eco-Friendly Pedicab
Media Advertising Company

Our fleet of 40 modern pedicab are an ideal advertising and marketing tool for brand promotion. The comprehensive events packages we offer allow for perfect brand interaction with specific target audiences, tailored to locations across London and the UK. When looking for an alternative option for advertising, look no further than the services we provide here.

It can be difficult to get your name out there when it comes to advertising your company brand. If you've exhausted other options or you're just looking for something new and different, outdoor advertising on an environmentally-friendly London pedicab, with a top pedicab media advertising company, could be just what you need! Consider us as your mobile advertising agency, helping your product reach potential customers in the big smoke.

Green Media Is The Way Forward

Powered only by the efforts of a dedicated and experienced Rider Team, our transport is 100% pollution free, producing absolutely no CO2. Our riders travel through the heart of the city day and night, where your advertising will be seen by thousands of potential customers in some of the city's busiest areas. Unlike a stationary billboard, your ad is constantly moving so it's visible to an incredibly high and diverse client base.

In the past we have provided bespoke pedicab advertising campaigns for Oxfam, Nokia, Air Asia and Pizza Hut, as well as participating in a number of processions, council and community group events. Each of them suitably impressed by the promises of green media. Make your company the next successful business to work with London pedicabs; changing the face of outdoor advertising, one pedicab at a time.

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